About Siam Noodle Bar

Noodle Soup is one of the most popular street vendor foods in Thailand. Growing Up in Thailand this is what I think of as 'Fast Food'.

You would watch as the vendor prepared your dish - making it fresh in front of you. Then we would customize the Flavor of broth by adding sugar, fish sauce, chili or vinegar to enhance the flavor.


This type of Dining is what Siam Noodle Bar is all about, fresh, healthy and flavorful, just like the street food I remember from Thailand. All of the Siam Noodle Bar broths are gluten free, even the Curry broth.  We also offer a variety of rice bowl like Teriyaki, Pulled Pork, Chicken, and Thai Style Salad dishes. I think you will love it.

See what customer's are saying about Anny...


This is my all time favorite place for pho! You can customize it how ever you like it! I also love their spring rolls! I haven't tried anything else really, because I crave nothing but their pho at least once a week!


This is my absolute favorite place to get Pho.  I've had it at a dozen other places, and Siam continues to be my favorite.  Love the egg rolls too!  The owner is a sweet lady who recognizes me (even if it's several weeks in between visits) and knows just what I want and how spicy I like it. 


Such a refreshing alternative! I hope they stay forever. I've had the pho and the beef stew, and both were delicious!!! Fresh ingredients and kind employees.